Disclaimer Notice

We hold no responsibility or liability for all your purchase. Kindly check your goods availability before proceed payment to our agent(s).
*Please refer to the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

  1. Goods purchased at buyers risk at all time
  2. Please contact our official agent(s) listed only to purchase
  3. Please ensure product availability before proceed payment
  4. Direct Postage is SOLEMLY AUTHORIZED TO HQ ENVEE ONLY at contact no 60162223449 / 60167293836
  5. Any Online/Bank In Payment is only to authorized bank account:
  6. HQ Envee Management shall not be responsible to any loss or damage, theft, late delivery whatsoever suffered by the acts of postage thereto or contents therein or any parts thereof (collectively referred to as "the courier") whichs is not under the management company list of companies
  7. HQ Envee Management shall not be liable for any acts of its employee or agents, which are outside the scope of the employee's employment or agents hired
  8. No variation of these conditions without express written authorization of HQ Envee Management will be binding upon the Management
  9. HQ Envee deserves at any time to amend/alter any of the terms without advance notice.
    HQ ENVEE: 6016 222 3449

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